31 October 18: Happy Halloween

Do you like Halloween? At risk of mixing my seasonal metaphors, I’ve historically felt a bit bah humbug about the whole thing. From what I can see it’s mainly about children consuming way too much sugar, end of. There’s an area near to where I live where the residents do everything in their power to upstage their neighbours with their spooky decorations (I overheard one woman say, crossly, that someone had had the temerity to try and steal her nanny: ‘As if I’d let her go: look at the pumpkins she’s carved this year!!!’ I know, I think I should move, too). Halloween is, I’ve always concluded, a bit much. ANYWAY, I’m starting to lighten up on that front by seeing it as an opportunity for grown-ups to have as much fun as the kids (partying, dancing and drinking are the new Halloween order). This is what Emily @pinkhouseliving Murray (top left as Kind Pink Witch) has written about in her blog post in conjunction with @sainsburyshome – how to reclaim it for US! Take a look at Emily’s blog for more info www.pinkhouseliving.com, it’s really funny and informative. And see how she styled the pumpkins I crafted for her when I was her pumpkin pixie for the day, including a Day of the Dead/Frieda Kahlo pumpkin complete with @mtmaskingtape_uk (bottom right), a studded punk-kin filled with sweets (bottom left) and a cluster of painted cuties in pastel colours to match The Pink House decor (top right). What are your thoughts on Halloween? Gorgeous pics by @megantaylor

Martha, The Colour File x

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