9 November 18: Significant symbols

I’ve always been fascinated by how quickly human beings recognise symbols. Apparently, scientists discovered in 2014 that it takes the human brain just 13 milliseconds to interpret images (while the images are seen for only 13 milliseconds before the next image appears, part of the brain continues to process the images for longer). I thought this when I saw this wreath (bottom right) at @w.a.greenlondon yesterday with its embedded anti-nuclear/peace symbol in it (is it even there, or is it just me going off on some flight of fancy?…) Within barely seconds of seeing it, my thoughts were of spending time in Aberystwyth as a holidaying teenager where I’d drink strange herb tea in a hippie cafe and buy antinuclear badges to pin to my beatnik jumble sale coat (‘Ynni niwclear? Dim diolch’). What symbols ping you back to somewhere in your past? Doesn’t it happen quickly?!!

Martha, The Colour File x

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