A story about colourful phone directories

Has colour ever helped you to solve a problem or conundrum?

As a trainee reporter, I was asked to find the phone number of a local headmistress for a comment on a story out of school hours.

It was pre-Internet (just) so it was a case of using phone directories.

For those of you who are looking blank, these were thick books full of addresses and phone numbers – tomes that died out as the use of landline telephones dive-bombed with increased mobile usage.

Anyway, back to the headmistress. Not surprisingly she wasn’t in the most recent one but was in an older one that I’d insisted we kept because a) I thought they might be useful (isn’t that an early sign of hoarding…oh dear…) and b) I loved the sorbet-like colours stacked together on top of a cupboard near my desk.

If they hadn’t looked so delicious, they may not have made the stringent colour cut and gone on to save the day.

Martha, The Colour File x


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