In the home of artist Mary Darch

Do you ever visit somewhere and, overwhelmed by its style and substance, find yourself saying, ‘I wish I lived HERE!!’?

That happened to me when I visited the home of my talented insta-friend-now-real-life-friend, Mary Darch @marydarchdesign yesterday.

There were delectable corners, walls and shelves loaded with colourful, original (and often humorous) objects that had me twirling 360 degrees on my heels to drink in the heady maximalist gloriousness of it all.

It really reminded me of the importance of falling in love with things you own in your home, the importance of connection to objects (every one of artist Mary’s objects has a tale to tell), the importance of them really enhancing and rocking your world, and not just kowtowing to a passing vanilla fad.

My test: do you grab your heart when you spy something you love? In the words of my @psychologiesmagazine editor @suzy_skywalker, is it a ‘heart-soar’ moment?

To me, seeing beautiful objects, whether to buy or admire, is a bit like falling in love, of being blindsided by the glory of something unexpected, of knowing that now you’ve seen it, somewhere in your brain something has changed and shifted forever in the best possible way.

Martha, The Colour File x

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