Stories about colour blindness

Since I started the Colour File, I’ve been fascinated by the stories it’s led me to, including our about colour blindness.

There’s was the story of Steve Macpherson’s ‘Common Anomalies’ artwork made from what Steve sees as ‘grey’ but I saw as an array of multicoloured pastels and the story of how Porto’s metro lines are represented by symbols as well as colour for those who see colours differently to most of us.

A friend’s husband was telling me the other day how he first realised he was different, colour vision-wise, when he got marked down in art for using too much green when colouring in a bird: he says he thought they were entirely different colours and was crestfallen at being penalised.

Colour stories make my day: if you have one, please share it with me. I’m a colour story sponge 😁

Martha, The Colour File x

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