The wonder of colourful birds

I once visited a bird sanctuary in Trinidad and I remember doing a 360 degree turn and seeing colourful birds at every turn.

I can’t remember their names but I recall flashes of blue, green and red as a guide said, ‘Look there! And there! And there!’ I’ve just looked up some birds that live in Trinidad and they are stunning: even the names excite me.

There’s the Yves Klein blue of the white necked jacobin, the long-billed star throat with its green crown and magenta bib and the bright green of the copper-rumped hummingbird.

And how could we forget the satin bowerbird that collects shards of blue plastic to create the perfect nest for wooing a mate?

Oh, my beating heart (I don’t think I saw any tits there so here are some I snapped at Paperchase’s SS19 event 😉😆). Have a fantabulous day.

Martha, The Colour File x

PS the birds picture is by Fran Giffard.

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