11 December 18: The day I painted the cat

Two nights ago I witnessed the David and Goliath scenario that is a teeny tiny kitten defeating a seven ft Christmas tree. At nine weeks old, my friend’s kitten, Evie, has already been dubbed the ‘naughty tortie’ by her vet, which made me laugh because every tortoiseshell cat I’ve ever known has been feisty beyond imagination. My first encounter with a tortie (who, studies show, are more likely to bite and scratch humans than any other type of cat: fact) was when I was about four and on the receiving end of a tortie’s wrath when I tried to stroke her. En route to an easel at a family friend’s house, I was holding a fully-loaded paintbrush at the time so – and I think you might know what’s coming next – I got my own back by daubing her along the back with red poster paint. I remember thinking, ‘I hope she runs away so no-one can see what I’ve done’ but also feeling triumphant that this stroppy feline and I were now ‘even’ (she clearly had no idea my nickname was ‘Spitfire’ and that she had met her match 😁…).

Martha, The Colour File x

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