14 December 18: Amy, who was once (and still is?) beautiful

When my mum was a district nurse in the 1970s, she was given this dainty Victorian Christmas tree fairy by an elderly patient. Mum named her Amy, after the patient, and every year when I was a kid she’d sit at the top of the tree. I’m pretty sure her wavy blonde locks are made from real human hair and before the ravages of time got to her she was a proper beauty. These days she has a degraded, haunted look that makes it hard to want her hanging around your living spaces. I have nostalgia to keep me loving her but SIC says in no uncertain terms that she’s creepy and should stay in the attic (presumably where she can’t come to life and start moving furniture around and scrawling on mirrors in red lipstick while we’re asleep). To prove the point that her services are no longer required, he took matters into his own hands and put not one but SEVEN decorations on the spot where Amy usually sits. Evicted and cast aside by a less appreciative generation (she’ll be yours one day, SIC, don’t you worry…) she is stood on a colourful shelf in full view of the tree. Will it still be standing when I return home later today? And will she have reclaimed her position, staring down imperiously with her glacial blue eyes?…Watch this space…

Martha, The Colour File x

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