18 December 18: The Blue Daniel waltz

The other day, I got a bolt from the blue.

It came in the form of Femi, the oven fixer with the biggest smile who also happens to have the biggest hidden musical talent. ‘Do you play?’ he asked after spotting my piano as he packed up his tools. ‘I do,’ I said. ‘Do you?….’ Turns out he does – brilliantly (see second clip) and in a way I could only dream of. Seeing someone play like this (especially in your own house) is, it transpires, hand-clappingly joyful. The impromptu concert also made me think of my mum and how, when I was little, I’d get her to play Strauss’s ‘Blue Daniel’ waltz (I was three and didn’t realise it was actually the ‘Blue Danube’, after the river) over and over and over again on the piano while I danced and pranced around the room.

Martha, The Colour File x

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