Dan Baldwin’s 100 tones of happiness

What would you buy if money were no object?

For me it would be art. I already have a list of artists whose work I’ve been admiring from afar, including @lauri_hopkins @sarahdigeon @studiocoverdale and @jessica_ford_artist to name but a few.

Sarah (Didgeon) asked me about my gorgeous multicoloured picture the other day. It’s by @danbaldwinart and I bought it a few years ago when I should really have been getting a new roof.

Faced with so many colours, it was fairly inevitable that this picture, Happy Happy, was going to win over grey slate.

When I bought it, Dan told me that with its 100 tones on 1830 areas and a grid painstakingly formed with coloured inks, it took a long time to complete.

I still adore it five years on and think how lucky I am that it came to live with me. As for the roof: i guess it can wait.

Martha, The Colour File

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