27 December 18: What’s in your Christmas cracker?

Hello, my colour-loving chums.

How were your cracker jokes this year? Bad? That’s good: it’s meant to be that way. Apparently, crackers used to contain romantic poems until they were replaced by jokes in the 1930s. They’re intentionally bad so that, if nothing else, they stall latent sibling rivalries and cross-generational Brexit punch-ups in a moment of collective (albeit temporary) festive groaning. I didn’t have any memorable ones this year (though I did get this colourful puzzle, top left) but it did remind me of a fortune cookie I once cracked open that contained a slip of paper saying ‘Help me: I’m stuck in a fortune cookie factory.’ Genius. I’ll leave you with my favourite (non-cracker) joke of the season. Did you hear they’ve found a pyramid covered in chocolate and hazelnuts? No? They think it was built by Pharaoh Roche. As you were.

Martha, The Colour File x

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