Organising and tidying using colour order

I’m working on a project that’s making me really think about how we organise our stuff.

Apparently, us human beings love organising things. In fact, 80 per cent of us find tidying and organising relaxing rather than a chore. Yup.

When I read this I thought, ‘I guess I’m an organisational maverick [read ‘please don’t make me do it’]’. But then I thought, ‘Hang on a sec – it might not appear in the top 10 of ‘favourite ways to sort your things’, but putting belongings in colour order is actually an organisational method’.

The fact is, I know things by colour, whether they’re books, places or memories. If I apply colour to thoughts, feelings or objects, I know how to process and compute them.

Colour is the language that speaks to me the loudest, which is why no matter what I do to my shelves, they always seem to return to colour order.

I reckon it they were coloured, I could find needles in haystacks aplenty. Just because it’s a creative way of organising things doesn’t mean that colour order is a lesser form of organising things.

In fact, if nature thinks it’s ok to order things that way (I’m thinking ‘Rainbows’) then who am I to challenge this paradigm?

Are there any objects you organise by colour?

Martha, The Colour File x

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