11 January 19: Dreaming of extra rooms

I have a recurring dream where I find a hidden extra room in a house.

Usually it’s via a door in an innocent-looking broom cupboard and I open it to reveal an empty space that is full of potential and possibilities. This excites me on several levels: the concept of the dream (unexpected expansion springing forth from places I already know) is, I feel, about looking forward to discovering new things in my life, while the actual room makes me excited to change it, decorate it and put my mark on it, even if only in a virtual way. I recently had this shelf put up high above the bath to make the most of a wasted space. It’s in a place you don’t expect to see (a bit like the mystery room in my dreams) and I love that it keeps catching me by surprise when I walk in the room. Tell me – do you have a recurring dream? Is it ever about a hidden room?

Martha, The Colour File x

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