23 January 19: Our big (feline) news

Well, SIC and I have finally taken the plunge and are getting two kittens….*gulp*

That is assuming that we pass the home inspection tomorrow. When you know someone is coming to critically analyse your gaff, you start to see things in a more discerning manner yourself. Like, for example, scrutinising the gap under the printer cupboard that was made to disconnect the gas fire (and which two kittens would be desperate to hide out in/get stuck in). Or the baubles hanging enticingly from my all-year-round tree, saying to all felines ‘This is FUN!!!’ (I already have visions of Suki and Oreo ambushing it and hanging upside down from the willow branches 🐱🐱). As I’m going to have to kitten-proof the place, I’m going to use it as an opportunity to think about colours, too. I’ve been mulling over how to use the colours from the Bold Brights palette that complements Dulux Spiced Honey, their 2019 colour is the year (see top right, and reflected in the Oliver Bonas SS19 collection in the other three pics) and I’ve got some exciting ideas up my sleeve. Now the only challenge is how to keep kittens out of the paint pots……

Martha, The Colour File x

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