24 January 19: Shelfies rock!


I’m lying on my bed, looking at my bedroom Shelfie and remembering how this time last year, it was a pacifying pastel shade (@farrowandball Light Blue) and I was running around like a blue somethinged fly, snapping it for a thumbnail for my book. This evening I’ve been ITCHING to do a #Shelfie that I’ve been visualising for a while but by the time I got back from a work do (ok, it may have been a social…) with @pinkhouseliving@jadelovejoy & @wearandwhere the light had gone so I’ll be doing it tomorrow instead. When I get a Shelfie bee in my bonnet, there’s nothing I can do but crack on with arranging it. The gathering of props fills me with giddy joy and reminds me all over again why I wrote the book and why I’ve been enjoying spreading the Shelfie joy to other people so much. Shelfies ROCK

Martha, The Colour File x

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