27 January 19: Every day should be a coloured socks day

Who loves that poem that starts ‘When I am old I shall wear purple’?

It’s about a woman who is effectively saying, ‘As I grow older I’m going to care a whole lot less about what people think.’ As I approach 50 I feel increasingly like this, especially when it comes to what I wear, and I relish it (I also feel that to age is a privilege that not all of us enjoy and we should be mightily thankful for the passing of our years). For decades I only wore black socks but since discovering colourful sparkly socks like these @mpdenmark ones from @wildswansfashion I’ve turned my back on black forever. Fun sock fact: there’s a place in China that’s known as Sock City where they produce 8 billion pairs of socks each year, the equivalent of two pairs of socks for every person on the planet. I think I may have reached my two-pair quota lately – and taken yours too. Sorry about that 😁

Martha, The Colour File x

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