27 January 19: Pocillovists unite

Are you afflicted by pocillovy?

Before you go running off to investigate ‘Illnesses I didn’t think I had til tonight’, let me tell you it’s actually the term for collecting egg cups. It comes from a Latin word although it was first used by someone in 1984. I love that there’s a word for it, even though I still think it sounds like something you really hope there’s a cream or tablet for. It was this collection of white egg cups in Bordeaux in the summer of 2016 (top left) that got me photographing colour (there’s a tardis-like ephemera shop where most things are arranged in colour order and it lit some kind of touch paper for me) so I guess pocillovy has a special place in my heart. The word still makes me itch, though. Have a great day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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