Shelfie tip: Buy books for their covers

Happiness is a pile of colourful books (well, a pile of colourful most things but ESPECIALLY books).

When I look at this haphazard stack, my immediate feeling isn’t one of panic and ‘Oh my lord, what a MESS!!!’ but excitement for the potential that this bunch of beauties holds.

I did recently have a bit of a purge: a purgette, if you like (like the rest of the world, it seems: UK charities are crediting the ‘Kondo effect’ with a doubling in donations to their stores) and some of my books didn’t survive the cull.

But you’ll be glad to know that the pretty ones survived – and the collection is thriving.

Have you ever saved a book from being binned because of its coloured cover? It’s ok, this is a safe space where colour-lovers are never judged…

Martha, The Colour File x

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