31 January 19: Are you a fan of the fade?

Good morning, folks.

I was really inspired by the @marksandspencerhomepr SS19 event yesterday. As well as being overjoyed to see azure and indigo earthenware (which I’m ITCHING to do a #shelfie with…watch this space…) I was thrilled with the buttery, low saturation pastels of their Sun Baked range (swipe for peach, coral and yellow – I’m longing to pop some pale green in there, too). I love colours that have had some of the intensity gently drawn out of them – still true to their origins but with more subtlety and warmth. I once blogged about how my passion for faded colours comes from spending time in India when I was 18 and experiencing everything bleaching in increments when it was left to dry in the baking sun. Years later, I’m still a massive fan. Are you a fan of the fade?

Martha, The Colour File x

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