Colourful boxes for shelf styling

Ok, so you know my penchant for buying books for their covers.

But did you know about my ‘thing’ for boxes?

When I buy something, whether it’s a food item (@harveynichols food hall is a favourite hunting ground) or a beauty product, I’m more inclined to buy it if it has a pretty box.

Why? Because, my Shelfie-loving chums, a pretty box is a highly shelfieable item.

In a previous post (30 August 2018) I talked about the first time I saw a box used in a shelfie. It when I was a kid visiting the home of my godmother and her artist husband William Brooker RA (he subsequently included the green and white striped Ma Griffe box in a shelfie still life called ‘Still Life: Blue, White and Green’). I’ve been captivated by the use of boxes as artistic objects ever since.

Here are a selection of products I’ve acquired recently, largely for their colours (I bought two yesterday when I was with @cj_brough and mused over the colours for probably waaay too long. Sorry…😐x)

Don’t you just LOVE the way the colours and shapes are interacting? I’m experiencing serious lust for them right now.

They’re gorgeous on their own but just wait until you see them mixed in with other shelfie objects. Seriously good. 

Martha, The Colour File x

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