My (growing) vintage cotton reel collection

What object you own gives you the most joy?

In the words of Marie Kondo, what ‘sparks joy’ (in my book, Shelfie, I talk about objects that make you grab your heart, like falling in love).

Last night at my #shelfie workshop at @highroadhouse I had all my Colour File props sorted in colour order on a massive table and got people to plunder it to create their own shelfies.

Amongst the objects was my Dewhurst Sylko cotton reels which give me constant infinitesimal joy each time I clap eyes on their colours and their names.

Apparently there were around 500 colours produced so I have a long way to go in my collection (I have my eye on Bedford Drab, Light Gobelin and Sable Squirrel on account of their names).

Martha, The Colour File x

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