Pastels shelfie in colour order

Hello, my colour-loving friends.

I’ve had pastels on my mind for some time. I hankered after them over Christmas when red and green were, with customary festive fervour, screaming loudly and trying to muffle their soft, buttery sounds.

With Spring just a few blocks away (have faith: it’s not long now), I’m yearning for them even more. I’ve wanted to see them on a pastels shelfie for a while so with SIC off school sick today, i took the rare opportunity to capture the morning sun bringing the pastels to life.

I often do shelfies as a way of calming myself down and cheering myself up in one fail swoop (it’s the combination of colour, composition and conversation between the objects that does it for me).

This, I think, might be the one that’s given me the most peace so far. The Shelf String Pocket shelving unit in mint green is the perfect shelfieing space, I am fast discovering. 

Oh, incidentally, I’m on the hunt for lilac objects to add to it for its next iteration. Do let me know if you see any on your travels, whether it’s High Street stores, Etsy, eBay or otherwise.

Martha, The Colour File x

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