Where the idea for Shelfie book came from

Hello my colourful friends.

Aren’t you glad it’s the weekend? Another throwback, this time to the early days of the Colour File, two years ago, back in the mists of time.

This was before the idea for Shelfie ‘the book’ was even born. All I knew at that point was that I enjoyed faffing around with colourful objects and seeing how they interacted with each other when put together.

I had no idea it would lead to my musings and ramblings eventually being committed to paper. Strange (and delightful) how things work out.

Technically, I should wait until Easter to put this picture up (on account of the mini eggs: did I ever tell you how I cracked a tooth on one of those little blighters once upon a time? Harder than concrete)but I’m not one to kowtow to convention without a fight.

I might post about Halloween tomorrow.

Martha, The Colour File x

First published 25 January 2019

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