Monthly Archives: July 2019

How to photograph tricky spaces

Do you have a space in your home that you love but can’t seem to photograph right? This little multicoloured scene, featuring a @primark.home shelf with @kcroxson tea towel against a @littlegreenepaintcompany Ultra Blue wall, is near my kitchen sink, nestling close to the long shelf that runs the length of the Colour File kitchen, way […]

Stories about stairs

What sayings from your childhood have imprinted themselves indelibly on your brain? My mum was the queen of phrases. Favourites included ‘Anyone can cope with the good times; it’s the bad ones that are the real test’ (true dat). She also repeated, on a daily basis, the phrase, ‘Never go upstairs empty-handed’ (a throwback from […]

The unexpected gift of friendship

Sometimes life gives you little unexpected gifts: tax rebates (rare), a good hair day (rarer), perhaps a broken-handled wabi-sabi mug of flowers left on a neighbour’s wall, imploring, “Take me.” Another unexpected gift yesterday was a friend, in need – several times over, in fact (thank you @tiatalula and @cj_brough😘) Life isn’t always easy (same […]

The colourful apple doesn’t fall far…

Good morning and welcome to a new week SIC breaks up tomorrow, which means the massive locker clear-out is happening today. This popped on Facebook yesterday: it’s him in 2015, aged eight, clearing out his locker at primary school, and proudly telling me, ‘I organised my books in colour order, mum!’ I’m guessing the apple […]

All-year round Christmas decorations

I’ve always loved party decorations When I was a kid and was tasked with licking coloured slivers of paper to make paperchains, I wished we could keep them up permanently, even after the festive season had passed. The post-Christmas house seemed colourless by comparison (my childhood home was largely beige 😩) and i think I’ve […]