3 February 19: Pastels shelfie plus lilac

Howdy, my colour-loving friends and welcome to #shelfiesunday

Remember the pastels #shelfie I did the other day, the one you went a little crazy for? Well, here it is again, this time with some lilac in it. Turns out I had one or two lurking in Colour File HQ after all, plus I stumbled across this lilac plant pot in my local @royaltrinityhospice shop @trinityretail (@wheelers_turnhamgreen who have always been a massive help on the Shelfie front. Liam suggested the lilac tulips*). One of the @hm perfume boxes also helps in the transition from lilac to pink to peach on the top shelf. Oh, and books. For me they complete the look. Hope you like it.

Martha, The Colour File x ❤️

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