Ocean plastic colour wheel

This weekend I went for a walk along the Thames, close to Colour File HQ.

There’s one spot where I regularly go to pick up shards of coloured plastic and this weekend, sadlygladly (which is a new word I’ve just made up to mean ‘fortunately/unfortunately’) I found yet another place that’s equally rich in plastic pickings for litter art.

I thought I’d sit and peacefully make another Thames plastic pic this evening but the Colour File Fluffs have had other plans (read ‘Crouch and ambush whenever possible’).

So here’s one I did a while ago, and which also appears in the ‘Colour’ chapter of Shelfie (link to buy it is in my biog). I’m itching to do another of these but with just pastels. I’ll hopefully find a window soon, without the kittens trying to ‘help’ me…😺😺

Martha, The Colour File x ❤️

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