14 February 19: Anyone up for the colourful plastics challenge?

What an absolute sun-drenched corker of a day it is!

The light is making every colour shout out loud, ‘Hey! Hey! Look at me! I’m bloody fantastic!’ Nowhere are they shouting more loudly than at Colour File HQ where my neat(ish) pile of marine & river plastic has been jostled and jockeyed about by life and is now more free-form than it was a few days ago (SIC also decided to make a caterpillar out of it, see second pic. Isn’t it cute?).

I love this crazy mish-mash of unsaturated hues, almost more than when they’re arranged in a colour wheel. There’s something about their accidental, random beauty that mesmerises and pleases me: discarded plastic shouldn’t, by rights, be so pretty, but it really can be.

I reckon if we all picked up a handful of plastic shards whenever we went to the beach, we could create a whole gallery of fabulous art – and help the planet in the process.

Anyone up for the challenge?

Martha, The Colour File x

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