Lisa James, design maven and first cousin

I’ve been thinking about whose design style inspires me.

One of my earliest design influences was my cousin Lisa James, textile designer and artist (some of her prints are sold in @habitatuk), who was the first to tell me about @kaffefassettstudio in the late 80s and always got me thinking about colour and pattern in different ways.

Lisa not only has the wickedest sense of humour on the planet (possibly even the universe), she also has an amazing eye for slinging things together and making them look effortlessly cool.

She’s a real design maven. Lisa’s north London home was one of our shoot locations in Shelfie and it was a pleasure to spend time there, snapping in multiple books and corners (this picture is from her kitchen).

Thanks, cuz 😘 You’re an inspiration.

Martha, The Colour File x ❤️ 🍊

📷 by Nick Pope @thenickpope

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