Shelfies and teenagers

Did you ever borrow clothes or make-up from your mum when you were a kid?

I can’t recall ever doing this: I loved my mum but our wardrobe tastes weren’t exactly congruent.

However, I do remember that as a teenager I frequently borrowed props for my bedroom interiors projects (read ‘How shall I rearrange my mantlepiece today?’)

I’d take fossils and crystals from our ‘treasure cupboard’ to complete the vignette, as well as the occasional vase or pot. I also took a shine to the vintage Penguin books (my love for which keeps growing to this day).

I think it set the tone for what I do with interiors today: I never see objects as static but in a state of flux, waiting to be moved around to produce the best scenes.

How about you? What sort of ‘borrower’ were you? Clothes and make-up, or interiors objects, like me?

Martha, The Colour File x

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