The environmental impact of faux flowers

I spy flowers…

Yes, but not ones a curious kitten might be tempted to munch on. I love these faux ranunculus but while they’ve stopped the kittens biting, it would appear they are biting on my conscience instead. Faux, apparently, is a burden on the planet.

I recently read an article by Helena Horton for @telegraph that suggested that the trend for flower arches could be damaging the environment because so many incorporate faux flowers.

In the article, Dr Trevor Dines, Botanical Specialist at plant charity Plantlife, said there’s nothing wrong with these ‘representations’ of our flora but ‘we must never lose sight of just how fundamental real flowers are; bees, bugs and butterflies depend on living, breathing plants for their survival.’ •
I think I’ll be doing a mixture of faux and real flowers both for aesthetics and eco reasons. If I keep the fake ones for a long time (which I intend to), does that make them more ‘green’? What’s your view?

Martha, The Colour File x

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