7 February 19: Colour File in Your Home mag

Hello again, my colourful chums.

As we speak, the Colour File kittens are doing circuits around the ground floor in what is beginning to look (and sound) like the training programme for the feline Grand National.

They have yet to discover the Shelfie shelves….yet…..Colour File HQ is in the March issue of Your Home @yourhomemagazine and the living room is looking calm, organised, serene, even. That, of course, is from a photo shoot before the rampaging fluffs took up residence. Maybe I should do a before and after? After they started knocking items off the shelves? Aaaagh!!! Heaven help me….

Anyway, grab a copy of Your Home to hear about how lovely Dilly Orme @dillyorme came and interviewed me about my incurable love of colour (follow her – she’s amazing and now a dear and treasured chum).

The pictures are by the talented Claire Lloyde-Davies.

Martha, The Colour File x ❤️



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