Colours in conversation with each other

Did I ever tell you how much I love colour? No? 🤔😁Let me tell you again.

What I love about colour is this: on one level it’s so simple and straightforward. It’s there and we see it, we ignore it or we take it all in. But on another level – on many, many other levels, in fact – it is complex, multifaceted and mysterious.

I often think that, like many things in life, the more answers we have about colour, the more questions it raises. I was looking through the 30k or so pictures I’ve taken for the Colour File in the past couple of years (listen carefully and you’ll hear my iPhone creaking and groaning) and was fascinated by this batch of nine.

I wanted to show you them together so that you, too, can see how they how they chatter and converse with each other about shared colours, patterns and textures, even though they are very different subjects. 

Martha, The Colour File x ❤️

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