1 March 19: A colourful throw and a cat (you’re welcome)


Apparently, when I was tiny, I loved to cwtch (it’s a St David’s Day-appropriate Welsh word meaning to cosy up, though that description really doesn’t do it full justice). When I was put to bed, I’d say, ‘…and a bottle and a blanket’.

I’m still in favour of both (though perhaps not so much of the milk now🍷) and feel intense joy and vicarious comfort when I see someone cwtched up in a colourful blanket or throw.

Studies show that having pets can help to alleviate stress and lower blood pressure and I’m pretty sure that the visual prompt of seeing another creature truly relaxing must be part of that glorious science.

Here’s Oreo (aka Budgie Button on account of his chirruping and his elfin face) who, with his sister, is already a pro at lowering stress levels, not to mention interiors styling.

Martha, The Colour File x ❤️

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