11 March 19: Pink House Living, the book!

Happy Monday*, my colour-loving chums.

How has your week started? Mine? Well, it’s started brilliantly thanks to a) sunshine b) kittens (in sunshine) c) the prospect of seeing loads of you at the London Design Week event tomorrow (please come and say hello 👋🏻 Ticket deets in biog) and d) receiving my copy of Emily’s @pinkhouseliving fantabulous book in the post.

Every page is beautiful and filled with Emily’s astute observations, witticisms and expertise. I can honestly say I’m bowled over by it and I’m sure you will be, too. Visit Emily’s insta biog for the link to buy it.

Every colour-lover needs one – yes, that’s you, my friends. Have a fab day. Gotta go and prep…

Martha, The Colour File x

#Emily’s book Pink House Living gifted by Emily 💖 *I still can’t say that without thinking of dancing to ‘Step On’ by the Happy Mondays. Try it – it will turn a glum Monday into a happy Monday.

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