12 March 19: Speaking with Sophie Robinson

Do you have a girl crush? I confess to having a few.

The common denominator? They’re all disrupters who push our boundaries, break moulds and get me thinking differently. Firstly, there’s stylish nonagenarian Iris Apfel, who wears colour with a ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude that makes me want to clash and clash again til kingdom come.

Then there’s pretty much any woman who plays thrashy lead guitar in a band. And, more recently, Phoebe Waller-Bridge of Fleabag fame (so achingly funny and with a mesmerising upper crust beauty).

But today my girl crush dreams came true when I got to talk colour with the queen of colour herself – Sophie Robinson @sophierobinsoninteriors In front of a colour-hungry audience of wonderful folk, we discussed colour psychology from ‘Which season are you?’ through to the power of green for creative types and ‘What do colour trends really mean for us?’ (Oh, and how primrose yellow is, ahem, an embarrassing colour for me 🚽).

It was such incredible fun (who was it that said if you love what you do you’ll never work another day in your whole life?). Thank you, Sophie, for being my colour-loving partner in crime, and thanks to @victoria_albert_baths and @perrinandrowe for hosting us @designcentrech (And thank you so much for so many wonderful instafriends for coming to support us.

Love ya! Couldn’t tag you all so thanks to @keffandco @lillicent1974@lilredroosterpr @donnagucci@andreacurtisdesigns @opulentbohotoo xx)

Martha, The Colour File x

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