19 February 19: Frilled dress of dreams

Hello from Tuesday, lovely people.

When I was about seven, I was bought the most beautifully hideous dress I’d ever clapped my eyes on. It was beautiful because I was starry eyed in love with it and hideous in retrospect.

My mum, who had the misfortune of having to pay for it, tried to warn me against it but what could possibly put a girl off frills? It was dark green velvet and at the front it had two flaps which essentially opened like curtains to reveal masses of white frills (as a drama queen I loved the theatre of it all).

It was the seventies so no doubt it was made from something beginning with poly that starts fires in a way that petrol can only dream of.

Anyway, I can’t see frills without thinking of that early fashion faux pas. Wish I had a pic but I’m going to have to leave this one to your imagination.

Have a great day.

Martha, The Colour File x


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