22 March 19: Valspar’s Institute of Primal Colour

I love the opportunity to immerse myself in paint.

Not literally (I’m guessing that’s quite a niche hobby) but metaphorically at least. Yesterday I went to The Institute of Primal Colour, an immersive event put on by @valsparpaint with multi-sensory design studio Bompas & Parr @bompasandparr The multi-sensory journey comprises a number of chromatic experiments developed with Oxford University, using aroma, sound and sight.

My data and that of members of the public who’ve signed up for the experience will be gathered as part of a unique study, developed with Professor Charles Spence at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory to launch Valspar’s Love Your Colour Guarantee®.

The study aims to help people discover the perfect paint colour for their kitchen, bedroom and living rooms, based on their individual responses. Does it work? Well, of the six palettes in question, it allocated one to me that I was instinctively drawn to – one that included a pink that raises money for the Pink Ribbon Foundation for every pot sold (my mum died of breast cancer so it’s a charity that’s close to my heart).

There was also a spookily accurate personality analysis from colour supremo and Institute director Mark Wentworth…totally fascinating. I think they have all the volunteers they need for the study but watch this space for the data when it comes out.

Martha, The Colour File x

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