Losing your mind to colour

Have you ever almost lost your mind over colour?

This pic was one of the first I ever took for the Colour File in a store in Bordeaux. Before I realised that taking pics was a way of ‘having it all’, I’d genuinely struggle if I was faced with products in a range of colours and had to ‘pick just one’. I mean, who can even DO that?!

I remember going to a car boot sale and clocking a table full of pastel coloured metal jugs. I almost went insane at their beauty and was desperate for one of each – if not all of them – but was told to limit it to three (an improvement on one).

Whenever I use them I think a) the table-full would have made a great Colour File pastels pic and b) WHY oh why didn’t I just follow my heart and buy more (especially that little silver beauty)?

Colour insanity, it would seem, is incurable. Personally, I’m fine with that.

Martha, The Colour File x ❤️

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