Colour blocking with pink and mint green

Who loves colour-blocking?

Regular readers of the Colour File will know much I love hiding same coloured objects against same so that they effectively disappear by hiding in plain sight.

When I got the chance to raid the fashion cupboard at the @marksandspencer #highsummer19 event earlier today I was thrilled to discover colour blocking opportunities aplenty.

I love this pink on pink, especially with the mint green (which, incidentally, will be everywhere in interiors and beyond in the next 18 months. Learn to love it if you don’t already).

I’m planning to get this outfit AND carry this yellow chair around with me to sit on wherever I happen to go to complete the sorbet look.

Unaccustomed as I am to liking pictures of myself, I’m surprisingly pleased to have some where I’m not focusing on my nostrils and thinking, ‘How am I NOT a sommelier?’

As such, I’ve decided that these are my impromptu yet totally official 50th birthday portraits.

Martha, The Colour File x


First posted 11 April 2019

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