16 April 19: Time for a purple tattoo

I once wrote an article about the (pretty high) number of people who regret having a tattoo done.

I didn’t see myself as a tattoo kind of gal at the time, largely because I’d also written pieces about how even lasers can’t completely remove the evidence if you change your mind (certain colours are easier to remove by laser than others, which is always worth taking into account if you decide to get inked).

Well, having mulled things over for the past few years, it would seem I’ve had a change of heart 💜. I put it down to this: I’ve spent a lot of time saying, ‘What are you waiting for?’ both to myself and to other people, usually in relation to plans that have yet to get off the starting blocks. As such, it’s become a kind of mantra, my constant word companion, so it seemed only right to make it permanent on my forearm today.

I chose typewriter font because I’m a writer (as us hacks say, ‘I have ink in my veins’) and because I love how it is haphazard and, as such, a little bit wabi-sabi. I had the option of 10 other neater typewriter fonts but I said no: the slight wobble, splodge and imperfection of this one makes it perfect. It reiterates my view that even if things aren’t quite right, there’s no point in waiting until they are before going for it: that sweet-spot in time may never happen.

The purple font makes me think of those old xerox machines like the one my piano teacher copied music with (ssshhh, don’t tell anyone) when I was a child (here’s an example of what copying used to look like, kids). But the purple is also my colour of freedom, endurance when the sh*t is hitting the fan and generally not giving a toss.

As I approach 50 (yes, yes, I know I’ve said it before. A LOT. Not sorry) I’m not doing any more hanging around and waiting. Apart from anything else, my forearm simply won’t let me. No regrets here.

Martha, The Colour File x

Tattoo by Angie @metalmorphosisltd ❤️

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