How The Colour File got its name

When I started The Colour File, I chose the name for several reasons.

When I take pictures, I keep them on my phone in colour files (blue, green, aqua etc) so I can easily locate them for my colour quartets (and because it’s aesthetically pleasing to open up, say, yellow and totally immerse yourself in the colour).

Also, I am an incurable colour-lover, which, I guess, makes me a chromatophile or colourphile. I wonder: what is the empirical way to check if you are colourphillic? Is there a test? Or is it all about anecdotal evidence and stories?

I dedicate hours and hours (amounting to days and days) to colour each week in a whole heap of ways, like arranging colouring pencils in a pen pot because the effect of them randomly makes my heart sing, or laying out my new @pantone postcards on a desk and getting a giddy thrill from rearranging them into different formations.

Colour-love takes time and dedication but there’s one thing I know for certain – it never feels like a chore. What have YOU done lately that proves you are colourphillic? 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨

Martha, The Colour File x

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