17 May 19: Palm print but with all the colours!

Good morning, folks

At @decorex_international last year i met the inspirational mind behind @sarahfortescuedesign I fell in love with her vibrant designs, including the Tropical Corals range inspired by Blue Planet II (how Sarah has managed to capture the very essence of ocean life in a print, i will never know 🐠🐟🐡).

I was also captivated by her Keep It Tropical collection – utterly, colourfully delicious. Palm print had its interiors debut back in 1937 when decorator Dorothy Draper used it for her Brazilliance design at the Arrowhead Springs Hotel in California. It’s been enjoying a resurgence in the past couple of years, too (it will only have passed you by if you’ve been living on Mars).

Personally, much as I love the colour, the endless greenness has been a tad too uniform for me. Tropical places are brimming with colour amidst the verdant green, from bright hibiscus flowers and bromelaids through to birds such as jacamars and macaws in every shade: why stick to just green?

Sarah lent me some of her cushions to photograph at Colour File HQ so here are just a few, sitting pretty in my Spiced Honey bedroom.

What are your thoughts on palm print? Does it rock your world?

Martha, The Colour File x

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