Creating flat lays with Pantone postcards

OK, so it would seem I’ve discovered a new favourite colourful pastime (like I don’t have enough already): playing with @pantone postcards.

I’ve been watching @tom.lowe doing it for a while now and am perpetually mesmerised by his style ingenuity (take a look at his feed if you haven’t yet discovered it. He even matches Quality Street to Pantone colours. Presumably that’s what you do with them before scoffing them then stashing the jewel-like wrappers. You don’t do that? No? Really?…)

You can only begin to imagine how much fun arranging various objects on these postcards was. It feels like therapy but without having to even open my mouth (a blessed relief for you all 😁).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the colours playing hide and seek with each other as much a I do (even the shadows give me joy).

Martha, The Colour File x

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