Blue and yellow Easter shelfie

Happy Easter, folks.

Today is forecast to be a day of uninterrupted, cloudless skies and dazzling sunshine, so naturally I’ve gravitated towards a blue and yellow #shelfiesunday #shelfie

As regular Colour File followers will know, I don’t have a favourite colour but I do have favourite colour pairings and clusters of colours. And often within this remit it has to be a SPECIFIC version of those colours put together to make it truly work for me.

These two exemplify this; a canary yellow that is so bright that if you stare at it for too long you fear for your retinas and an azure that makes you want to go all Charles Trenet and croon La Mer (even if you don’t know the words, just sing ‘La Mer, la la la la’ repeatedly. I find that works.

Don’t cheat and sing it in English; it fades the blue). Anyway, I hope you have a colourful and very happy Easter. Have you found the eggs yet?

Martha, The Colour File x 🐰 🐣 🥚 🐇 🐤 🐰 🥚 🐥

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