A lifelong love of colouring pencils

I was sketching for one of my colour projects when I realised just how DELICIOUS these pencils looked against the @valsparpaintuk swatches I’d picked up over the weekend @bandq_uk

It got me thinking about my lifelong love affair with boxes of coloured pencils and a specific memory from one Christmas when I was about 10.

I’d asked for some @carandache ones (because they turned into paints – sigh) but realised as it came to that ‘last gift under the tree’ moment that it wasn’t Caran d’Ache pencil box-sized.

Nonetheless, I unwrapped it with my fingers metaphorically crossed, hoping beyond hope that it would suddenly transmogrify into pencils, but it turned out to be a book.

I’m sure the novel was exciting but not as exciting as the world I was planning on venturing into through drawing (it’s ok, I got them for my birthday a few months later so there was a happy ending to the story).

Do YOU have a thing about coloured pencils?

Martha, The Colour File x ❤️

Pic below 📸 by @emmajanepalin 🍊

23 April 2019

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