Adding Californian colour to a shady spot

Do you ever have a, ‘Why, Miss Jones, you’re really rather beautiful!’ moment about an area of your home? I had this today as I walked down the diddy steps in my bathroom and thought, ‘I love this little corner!’

I love the Richard Diebenkorn ‘Ocean Park’ pictures adding a touch of Californian colour to the space and the shelf above the door that you really only get to appreciate as you’re walking out (or, in fairness, when you’re sitting on the loo. Well, you may as well have a decent view if you possibly can).

It’s all too easy to neglect spots in your home, especially if they are ‘on the way to somewhere else’ spaces like this one. I’m planning to pay her more attention very soon (watch this space) to help her truly shine.

Let’s hear it for those unexpected beauties that win us over when we least expect it.

Martha, The Colour File x

23 April 2019

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