3 steps to creating a blue M&S shelfie

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Recently, I suggested a challenge to @marksandspencerhomepr – to show people how M&S homewares could be combined with vintage and found objects that you already own to produce eclectic, contemporary shefies.

Shelf styling is that it can be daunting, especially if you think that a good shelfie means spending lots of money to bring the look together.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that good shelfieing doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s how I did it using some stunning cobalt blue M&S homewares…

3 steps to creating a blue M&S shelfie

1. Pick a couple of ‘hero’ objects

I chose these two large M&S vases to form the centrepiece of my arrangement.

These ‘same but different’ vessels provided both texture and colour inspiration (cobalt and white) as well as giving some height.

2. Combine new and old

These vases look regal alongside my collection of old blue glass medicine bottles, mannequin hands and vintage Penguin books.

Spend your money on a couple of statement pieces then ‘support’ them with objects you already own.

3. Add some flowers to soften the lines

I love the voluptuous shapes of the battles and vases but to stop the shelfie feeling too solid I picked some flowers to soften things up (I am a particular fan of wild flowers in shelf displays).


Mixing old with new is one of the suggestions in my book Shelfie and I think that it’s not only a stylish thing to do but it’s also eco-friendly: why buy everything new when old still has a lot to offer? How about you? Are you up for the ‘old and new’ challenge?

Martha, The Colour File x

  • Blue drip reactive tall vase and blue medium geometric embossed vase gifted by M&S.

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