29 March 19: Frames aren’t just for pictures

What do you like to see in a frame?

As well as the usual suspects – pictures, prints and photos – I love framing objects that don’t conventionally end up behind glass.

So far I’ve framed buttons, fabric samples, scarves and a delicate vintage bag I bought in Peru. I feel like it immortalises objects in that moment, keeps them still for us to truly examine and cherish them and reminds us that so many of the items we take for granted have been designed and made with skill and love and are, actually, utilitarian works of art.

I felt this when I picked up this divine cluster of rug swatches when I went to see Sarah Mailer @girlabouthouse talking about rugs at @crucialtrading for @chelseadesignquarter earlier this week (she was brilliant, by the way; see her next time she does a talk).

There’s cotton herringbone in Pale Lemon and Creme de Menthe, cotton picallo in Fuchsia, small Boucher accents in Scarlet and Biscayne in Raven and Carnation (even the names are delicious) Imagine a rug comprising these? My heart beats faster at the mere thought of it.

In the meantime, they’ll be in a frame at Colour File HQ very soon.

Martha, The Colour File x ❤️

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