31 March 19: A colourful Mothering Sunday

Happy Mothers Day from The Colour File 

I’m forever impressed and amazed at the talent I see on Insta – artists, interiors stylists, architects, textile designers and more, people who do it for a living and those who are enthusiasts but have unexpectedly found their metier and gone on to do great things (or are on that trajectory – yes, you)

Guys, i am bowled over by your vision and your gumption, especially when I seem to bimble my way through life, wondering where the heck I’m going next – and I do that a LOT.

All I know is that amidst my life confusion and existential meanderings (especially with Insta, I have to confess: it’s all still a bit of a mystery to me), I remain true to my love of colour and I pick up a lot of inspiration from you lovely lot along the way.

So on this #mothersday #othersday I’m taking my metaphorical hat off to you all.
🎩 🧢 ⛑

Martha, The Colour File x

PS the little tree in the background belongs to Oscar, my angel baby. It’s growing beautifully 👼🏻

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