9 April 19: A colourful cushion addition

Hello from Tuesday, I think (school holidays always get me super-confused).

I just HAD to show you this – the newest addition to the Colour File household: she’s an adorable Christina Lundsteen velvet cushion (for she is a she) and we are in love with her (just as you are with any newborn/new arrival). Well, I say WE are in love…not strictly true.

Although he just said, ‘I support you in everything you do’ (bless) and declared that he was happy about the new arrival, I’m sensing that second-in-command is secretly despairing that my addiction to all things cushion would appear to be rearing it’s head once more.

I can understand his consternation – there are definitely times when it’s hard to find a space for humans to sit at Colour File HQ without shoving a score of cushions off the sofas first.

But just LOOK at her: I mean, you’d have somehow made room for her, too, wouldn’t you?….

Martha, The Colour File x

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